Pyramid Treasure Chest

For this project we went a little further back into history to create a very unique "treasure chest." Our pyramid is covered with solid cherry with traditional Egyption symbols and heiroglyphics covering all four sides.  Each symbol is CNC carved and hand painted.


While it appears that the pyramid is solid, it holds a secret.  With the aid of a seperate "wand" which has powerful rare earth magnets embedded in it, two seperate panels can be removed from the pyramid unveiling hidden compartments. The top compartment is a classic Egyptian tomb for you to fill with treasures from antiquity.  The bottom space has a slide out map of the giza plateau with real sand and three pyramids representing the most famous structures in the world as they appear in Egypt.


This project was originally made for my daughter, whose nickname is "Minty."  As a fun touch, the heir0gliphics on one of the sides spell out "Daddy loves little Minty" - The top treasure room includes an English to Egyptian alpabet tranlation scroll so that she could "break the code" herself.....The design could be customized for you to hide a secret message of your own.


Dimensions:  32" Wide  x  32" Deep  x  20.5" Tall


Price: Please Contact for Pricing