Pistol Case

Our case is designed to display two pistols with pull out drawers for storage of holsters and other accessories.  The case is made primarily of cherry and mahogany, with birdseye maple beds for each pistol.  Alternative wood selections are available.


The panel is laser engraved.  Since this early prototype was made, we have switched over to what we feel is a better method of adding designs to out projects utilizing a CNC system and inlaid epoxy (See Sherman's Bane).  This new method creates much better contrast and sharper images and the intention would be to use that technique going forward.


Our case highlights the two iconic German pistols of the war, the Luger P.08 and the Walther P-38.  As with all of our displays, this could be modified to display any other pistol of interest from the Old West to today's modern arms.



Dimensions: 44" Wide  x  35" Tall  x  14" Deep


Price: Please contact for Pricing