German Medals/Decorations Display

      This Display is our first WW2 effort for medals or decorations.  The case consists of a series of box jointed cases with a build-in LED light (running of batteries and with a single common remote control).  Each case is installed on a horizontal bar and countersunk so that the entire display seats flush with the wall.  Classic German WW2 symbols including the crosses and wings from the Reichsadler complete the theme.  

       Of course the labels on the boxes can be customized to refer to your favorite medals.  Pricing is per as currently built, but theoretically the display could be shortened or lengthened. The display is made of Walnut and Maple.

       Please note that for the photos shown we didn't have an original EK1 or Panzer Assault Badge available so the medals aren't all correct to the display :-)

Dimensions: 42" Wide  x  6.5" Tall  x  3.25" Deep


Price: $745 + Shipping