Sherman's Bane

Sherman's Bane is my display for an 88mm Armor Piercing Round which was the main armament of the legendary German Tiger tank.  The display is clearly inspired by a classic ammo crate, but, as is our philosophy at CHD, we've added some details to try to tell the story.


In this case, the front panel features a "gunner's eye view" of what he would see looking through the sights of the Kwk 36 main gun of the Tiger.  The aiming reticle is overlaid on an Allied Sherman tank as the gunner attempts to correctly dial in distance for his shot. As an American, I hope he misses(!), but I think the imagery is powerful and certainly a bit scary, bringing to the forefront the terror these men (on both sides of the conflict) had to deal with every day.


All of the exterior design and lettering is actually CNC carved and filled with black epoxy, then sanded smooth and finished with high quality oil and urethane topcoat.  None of these designs are surface painted or sprayed with a stencil.  Hard maple is the wood of choice as it's beautiful, very clean, and extremely strong.


This particular box was made for a specific round.  The box as quoted would be delivered empty for you to store whatever you wish.  If you have a specific round you would like to store (or anything else), let me know and it might be possible to design a custom holder (as shown here) for your piece as well.  The text and design on the cover of course can be completely customized.


Dimensions:  21" Wide  x  7.5" Tall  x  9.75" Deep


Price: $625 + Shipping and Handling