Luger P08: Battle of the Bulge Case

      For our next project we turn our attention to another legendary battle, the “Battle of the Bulge.”  Hitler’s last ditch effort to turn the tide of WW2 with a massive surprise offensive launched in total secret through the Ardennes Forest.  This was largely a German Vs. U.S. battle so that will be the focus of these two pieces. The first case is for a Luger P08, a classic sidearm of the Wehrmacht.  The second case represents US side and features the legendary M1911A1 ".45"carried by the US troops.


      The Luger case features several design details highlighting the German effort during that winter of 1944-1945.  The map focuses on perhaps the most famous part of the battle (though hardly the only significant portion) with the battle raging around the Belgian town of Bastogne, famously defended by the US 101st Airborne and “relieved” by Patton’s 3rd Army.  The panel behind the Luger carries the Division symbols of significant Wehrmacht and SS Units which took part in the battle, in order:, Panzer Lehr, 2nd SS Panzer Division “Das Reich,” and 12th SS Panzer Division “Hitlerjugend.” 1st SS Panzer Division “Adolf Hitler.”


      The 1911A1 case features the same Bastogne area map along with several references from th American side of the battle including a carved and painted 101st Airborn Screaming Eagle patch, along with division symbols of US groups which took part in the battle, including Patton's 3rd Army, the 82nd Airborne "All Americans," the US 1st Infantry Division "The Big Red One," and the 4th Infantry Division "Ivy".


      Finally the letters are an exact copy (spelling mistakes included) of the surrender order delivered to the 101st Airborne which Brigadier General Anthony McAuliffe earned lasting fame with his reply of “Nuts.”


      Please note the case would be delivered as shown without the Luger, magazine, takedown tool, or the Iron Cross Second Class (although I can order one for inclusion if so desired).


Dimensions (Closed): 15.75" Wide  x  6.5" Tall  x  10.75" Deep


Dimensions (Opened): 15.75" Wide  x  14.75" Tall  x  12.5" Deep


Price: $1,695 (per each display case)+ Shipping