About Me

About Me

Thanks for taking some time to visit my new site.  My Name is Scott and I have always really enjoyed history. Whether it's ancient, classical, medieval, or more recent, such as WW2, history is filled with incredible stories of people and events which have literally created the world we live in today.  


Littered throughout that history are artifacts, inventions, weapons, and treasures which occasionally survive the test of time and are still with us today.  Many of these items are valuable, either because of their rarity and the role they played in a significant historical event, or perhaps they are treasured because they were owned by a long lost relative.  The common strand is they each have a story to tell, a story that shouldn't be forgotten with the passage of time, and that's where I would like my displays to differentiate themselves.  I feel the best displays not only highlight and protect your important item, but it should also commemorate its unique history.


This approach can be quite time consuming as it often involves a lot of research, design, and redesign, but I feel it has the potential to create a truly unique showpiece for your valued treasure.  I'd be happy to talk to you about a project you may have in mind or if you are interested in any of my existing pieces whether as is, or customized.


 In regards to lead times, I make all of these pieces myself, and generally on demand, so depending on how busy things are, it could take some time to finish a complicated piece.  With that said, only a relatively small down payment is required (to acquire raw materials) at time of order.  The balance would not be due until the item is ready to ship, and my goal would be to provide photos and updates throughout the project.


Finally, it probably goes without saying, but I'm a collector of WW2 firearms and artifacts myself and occasionally will be offered items in trade for compensation for custom made pieces - I'm always interesed in WW2 European (largely US and German) firearms and artifacts, so let me know if that's something you may have available as well.


I look forward to working with you,